Life Harmony Bracelet

The Life Harmony Bracelet and Daily Practice created by Jeffrey is designed to be one of the most simple and effective tools for healing and inner-peace. It is not associated with a religion or spiritual tradition and is honorable to all beings.

The Primary cause of worry, anxiety, bad habits, addiction, unhappiness, sickness, and our inability to heal is negative and excessive thinking. The Life Harmony Bracelet will help you slow down, simplify and experience true peace beyond worry and over-thinking. In the backdrop of our thinking resides pure peace, contentment and perfect health.

Thinking (a.k.a. – thought, decision making, talking to oneself or others, story-telling) is one significant part of our experience while at the same time we are the silence, presence, pure being and oneness of life that is beyond the dream of thinking. I know that many of you struggle to slow down and experience the inner-peace that is beyond continual thinking and that it why we created: The Life Harmony Bracelet.

It is so important to understand and respect that we are each at very different places on the journey of life. One person can more easily slow-down and find inner-peace than another. The bracelet and practice is designed to help everyone slow-down relative to what they are ready for. This day and age there is so much information being presented to each of us and I do not want to over-communicate in this first sharing about the bracelet. Below the next image, you will learn how to take the next simple step.

Before purchasing a Life Harmony Bracelet, we kindly request that you will first read the following FREE article : “The Life Harmony Bracelet Overview” (the article includes information about: The Living in Harmony 10 Day Challenge)

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